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Overview: IP Security Cameras

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Every home or business security surveillance system from Q-See consists of two main elements: at least one camera and a recording device. In reality, most systems will feature two or more cameras. Your property is only really secure if all potential points of access are continuously monitored. Smaller properties, with just a front and back door, may only require two cameras. But larger properties may easily need a dozen or more cameras to ensure complete coverage. IP Cameras

Analog or Digital

After deciding how many cameras you’ll need, the next decision involves what type(s) of camera to install. There are two main categories of modern surveillance cameras: analog and digital. Both types have their pros and cons. A digital, or IP security camera, offers the greatest ease of installation. Beyond that, the functionality of cameras can be broken down into static, fixed-focus cameras (usually called “bullet” or “lipstick,” due to their semi-cylindrical shape), PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom), and dome.

Dome, Bullet, & PTZ IP

PTZ describes a camera that can be controlled remotely, or by preprogrammed software, to point the lens in different places at different times. It can also zoom in or out to examine objects more closely. A dome camera usually includes a PTZ camera in a weather- and vandalism-proof housing, for mounting on a ceiling or overhang. Housings are usually dark, to help hide the camera from casual view. Any of the above-described cameras can be purchased in either analog or digital models. Digital cameras are usually called IP (Internet protocol) cameras. They are wireless, so ease of installation is a major advantage. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these cameras convert images to digital files, before streaming the files to a wireless network. Files may be received by a nearby network video recorder (NVR) or accessed remotely, with an Internet connection and your wireless device. Some IP cameras are capable of recording directly to within-camera mass storage media.

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