Overview: Security Cameras

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Overview: Security Cameras

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Q-See surveillance cameras When it comes to installing a Q-See home security surveillance system, it’s obviously important to buy the right cameras to meet your unique security needs. Most home systems start with at least two bullet cameras. Of course, the larger and more valuable your property, the more cameras you’re likely to need to provide full coverage of all points of potential access to your home. Bullet cameras are meant to be mounted in strategic locations, such as under the eaves of a roof or porch, where they can observe anyone seeking to gain access to a front or back door. Once installed, these cameras stay put, monitoring whatever occurs within their field of view. Although they feature a fixed focus, most bullet cameras provide a fairly wide-angle view of target areas. Since most burglars seek to gain access through a ground-floor window or door, coverage of these areas is a primary concern when setting up your home security surveillance system. You’ll also want to decide what level of resolution you desire. Today’s home surveillance cameras are more sophisticated than ever. Most feature the ability to transition seamlessly from daylight, full-color imagery to black-and-white night vision, which enables the camera to “see” in utter darkness. Modern cameras also feature infrared LEDs mounted around the lens. As darkness falls, these LEDs switch on to illuminate the target area with infrared “light”. It’s invisible to would-be criminals, but enables the camera to see clearly, no matter how dark. Bullet cameras from Q-See are the backbone of any surveillance system. Choose high definition (HD) cameras when extreme detail and superb clarity are desired. Today’s HD security cameras come with crystal-clear 720p resolution, or ultra-clear 1080p resolution, for cinema-quality video surveillance and recording.



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