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Remotely Access via Mobile Devices

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Remote Device Access When buying a new security surveillance system from Q-See, chances are you’ll be interested in getting the remarkable flexibility that’s possible with today’s advanced video surveillance technology. It’s no longer necessary to monitor your feeds solely from your hard-wired home or office-based security command center. Sophisticated new systems from Q-See enable you to take your security surveillance capability along with you on the road. No matter where you go, you’ll stay connected with your surveillance network, using a free app and your Internet-connected iPhone or iPad. With the appropriate app installed on your mobile device, you’ll be able to securely and remotely access your system’s camera feeds, control cameras (such as dome or PTZ cameras) and review recordings. Your system can be programmed to send you e-mail alerts in real time, should it detect certain types of pre-determined activity within your security perimeter. Cameras augmented with motion sensing technology, for example, can be programmed to begin recording whenever they detect motion. They can also be programmed to trigger an alarm or notification. With your mobile device, you’ll be able to review the relevant footage and take any necessary steps to ensure your property’s security.

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