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Security Camera Gift Guide

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HC03_Wordpress SECURITY GIFT GUIDE FNL A security camera surveillance system makes an excellent gift. When you give the gift of security you’re giving something far more valuable than sophisticated high-tech hardware: You’re giving peace of mind. You can’t put a monetary value on a gift of that caliber. Your gift can be as simple or elaborate as your recipient’s needs dictate and your budget allows. Whether you’re choosing a single camera, or a complete security surveillance system, Q-See has everything you’ll need to keep your loved ones safe, secure, and happy for years to come. A high definition (HD) digital (IP) camera is an excellent choice for a stand-alone gift. These cameras are sophisticated, self-contained surveillance/broadcast stations. They are capable of keeping a watchful eye over your loved ones and their valuable property, by monitoring any suspicious outdoor activity and delivering sharply detailed video imagery in real time. Images are broadcast wirelessly, and can be monitored and/or controlled by any appropriately enabled digital device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. Your gift recipient can even monitor any video feeds remotely, at any time, from anywhere, with an Internet connection. They’ll be able to rest easier, knowing the sanctity of their home is secure, 24/7. For more complete security coverage, consider adding a second camera, for mounting at a rear entrance. Research indicates that most would-be burglars attempt to break in and enter residential properties through existing, ground-floor entrances/exits. As such, it’s essential to monitor the front and back doors of a given property. Ground-floor windows also merit some surveillance consideration. Add a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and your recipient’s home surveillance network will be complete. They’ll be able to expand the system as needed, and will be able to record imagery for future reference.



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