Security in the Retail Space

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Security in the Retail Space

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Retail surveillance solutions Security in the retail space depends on a number of factors. From electronic inventory loss control technology, to sturdy locks, to undercover security personnel, there are may steps that can be taken to minimize theft and inventory “shrinkage”. Shrinkage accounts for billions in lost income annually. Controlling shrinkage requires a multi-pronged approach. A key method for minimizing loss involves the implementation of a modern security surveillance system. Such a system is technically a closed-circuit television system, but today’s surveillance networks bear little resemblance to the low-quality, black-and-white, jerky imagery that was once associated with the term.

Modern Retail Surveillance Systems

Thanks to advances in computing, information processing, and video technology, today’s security surveillance networks are sophisticated monitoring systems bristling with all the bells and whistles technology can deliver. Today’s cameras are capable of delivering much-higher resolutions than the cameras of yesteryear, for instance. Top-of-the-line digital cameras feature 4 megapixel (MP) resolution, for example. That’s more than twice the resolution of 1080p HD. Even the best analog cameras are able to deliver crisp, clear, full-color images, with smooth-motion video, in real time. Newer systems offer the flexibility to program a variety of warnings and actions, triggered by sensors that detect motion, for example. They’ll even send you email alerts, featuring a still image captured from a given feed, triggered by a preset alarm.

Security Cameras in Retail Spaces

Most retail spaces will benefit from a combination of exterior bullet cameras, plus ceiling-mounted dome cameras, networked with a recording device. Dome cameras can be programmed to sweep their fields of view according to preset scan patterns. They can also be remotely controlled by authorized users who have downloaded free apps, which enable the user to remotely access, view, review, and control cameras and their feeds, from anywhere in the world, with an Internet connection.



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