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What is Security System

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Security System Owners Guide A video surveillance system from Q-See is a wise investment in the safety and security of your valuable property. If you’re a homeowner, it’s also an investment in the safety of your loved ones. For business owners, a properly assembled surveillance network can be a crucial component of your theft-loss-prevention program. Cameras can discreetly monitor employees’ behavior and activities, while deterring shoplifting, and minimizing threats such as staged “slip-and-fall” insurance fraud incidents.

DVR Security Systems

Every security surveillance system—from the smallest and least expensive, to the largest, most sophisticated—relies on a central recording device. If you install analog cameras, you will need an accompanying digital video recorder (DVR), to process raw incoming signals into digital video files. These files can then be viewed, in real time, recorded, or stored indefinitely. If your system consists of newer, digital (IP) video cameras, they will need to be networked with a network video recorder (NVR).

NVR Security Systems

Although IP cameras are capable of converting raw data into digital video files internally, an NVR allows you to monitor separate feeds from any number of cameras placed in strategic locations around your property. Most DVRs and NVRs come with ample built-in storage capability, and/or ports that will allow you to expand storage capability through the use of portable storage media, such as external hard drives, SD cards, memory sticks, etc.

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