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Setting up your Q-See Remote Control

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HC03_Wordpress Setting up your Q-See Remote Control Some DVR or NVR units come with a handheld remote for convenient control of your unit. Not to be confused with remote viewing through your Internet-enabled digital device, this is the kind of remote you use to control menu functions from a distance, just as you might change the channel on your TV with a handheld remote control. Not all DVR/NVR series and/or models feature a remote control. Some are controlled by a mouse connected to the back of the recorder. But some units from Q-See feature a separate remote control device for your added convenience. QC series DVRs, for example, ship with a remote control. After checking that your batteries are fresh and properly seated, press the “ADD” button and enter the DVR’s Device ID number (“008”). Press “OK”. Then press “Menu” to proceed to the menu screen. Your remote is now activated and ready to use. QT series DVRs ship with a remote control that is already activated. If the Device ID has been changed in the DVR, then use the mouse to do the following: Go to “Menu,” then "Set up,” then “Basic,” then "System Tab”. Find the "Device ID" on that Menu. For more help, visit and select “Support” or click the search icon and enter your search term(s).

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