Theft Loss Prevention for Industrial Warehouses

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Theft Loss Prevention for Industrial Warehouses

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Theft loss prevention for warehouse owners/operators is a high priority . The U.S. government estimates that employee theft accounts for $30-$60 billion in lost revenue annually. According to the School of Criminal Justice at Rutger’s University, warehouses are vulnerable to theft loss at three important steps in the warehousing process: receiving, storage, and shipping. The greatest threat involves collusion between two criminal parties: one on the outside, and one working on the inside. The latter will probably be one of your own employees. Industrial Warehouse Loss Prevention

Shipping/Receiving Areas

Exterior and/or interior cameras, mounted in receiving areas, are useful for tracking shipment arrivals and departures. Many businesses install fixed-focus bullet cameras in receiving areas. Perched high above the action in weather-proof housings, these versatile cameras now offer surprisingly sharp, detailed resolution, as well as night vision capability.

Interior Storage

For interior storage spaces, keep a close eye on who handles the merchandise with overhead dome or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. Dome cameras usually feature a lens capable of panning or tilting, housed in an unobtrusive hemisphere dome. PTZ cameras can be controlled directly or remotely, allowing you to investigate any suspicious activity.

Night Vision

Again, today’s sophisticated cameras provide remarkably clear, detailed, full-color images and detailed, crisp black-and-white video at night, using infrared LED technology to “illuminate” unauthorized people in your facility after hours.



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