Traditional Alarm System vs. Q-See Comparison

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Traditional Alarm System vs. Q-See Comparison

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Traditional Alarms vs. Q-See Comparison excerpt See the full infographic, here!

Q-See vs. “Traditional” Alarm Services

Have you ever wondered how a security surveillance system from Q-See stacks up against a “traditional” alarm service company’s products? The following infographic sums things up neatly. Give it a glance. We think you’ll agree there’s really no contest. The differences between these two approaches to security are clearer than a high-resolution image captured by one of Q-See’s cutting-edge cameras.

No Contracts—No Hassle

It begins with a contract. As in, Q-See doesn’t require one. You buy your system. You own it. You control it. It’s just that simple. No strangers with access to your private video feeds. No longterm commitments. No fine print. No legalese to come back and bite you where the sun doesn’t shine. No ongoing/unexpected expenses. No worries. No problem.

No Monitoring Fees: No Drain On Your Bank Account

It continues with no monthly monitoring fees. Alarm service companies charge them. Every month. Month after month. Year after year. Q-See doesn’t. You buy your system, install it, and monitor it. All at your convenience. Monitor your private feeds from the privacy of your own smartphone, tablet, or computer. That leaves more money in your pocket for things that really matter. Like leaving on an extended vacation—secure in the knowledge that your home will remain under surveillance. Vacation enhanced by peace of mind. What could be better?

Convenient, Private Remote Viewing

Wherever you may travel, continue monitoring your feeds at your convenience—using your Internet-connected device and a free remote-viewing app from Q-See. Traditional services may charge you extra for the privilege of viewing your feeds remotely. Q-See provides free apps that enable you to view your feeds remotely. Whenever you want. Wherever you are.

Get the Cameras You Need

Q-See offers nearly infinite flexibility when it comes to buying and configuring a personalized security surveillance system that truly fits your needs. Need cameras tough enough to operate outdoors under harsh conditions? We’ve got them. With traditional alarm services, you may need to fork over still more cash to get the cameras you really need.

Better Cameras from the Get-Go

Q-See stocks the latest, best equipment available anywhere. When you invest in a Q-See system, you’ll have the option of buying the very best technology. That means cameras with high definition—or even ultra-high definition resolution—full color video, night vision capability, and other cutting-edge features. With traditional alarm companies, you’ll probably be stuck with whatever obsolete technology they have lying around gathering dust. Want to upgrade? Of course you do. But prepare to pay—you guessed it—still more fees. Or choose Q-See and take control for yourself. Q-See. Seeing is believing.



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