Updating your Q-See Products after Operating System Changes

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Updating your Q-See Products after Operating System Changes

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One of the advantages of a new security surveillance system from Q-See is the ability to connect with your secure feeds from anywhere in the world, using your Internet-connected smartphone, computer, or tablet, and free software that streamlines the remote viewing experience. These technologies work to keep you connected with your home or office video feeds ‘round-the-clock, for complete peace of mind. Q-See Product Updates Occasionally, Apple or Microsoft may issue operating system (OS) and/or browser updates. When these inevitable changes occur, it may become necessary to update your DVR/NVR’s firmware in order for your remote viewing software to continue working properly. Simply visit our website at www.q-see.com and click Support. Chose DVR/NVR, and search for your device by series and model number. Or simply click on Firmware Updates at the bottom of the page, and enter your series, and model number. You’ll be presented with any available firmware updates for your particular device. Follow the instructions for downloading this software to update your unit. Be sure to select the correct firmware update for your specific model of DVR or NVR. Reboot and you should now be fully functional again following any Mac OS client updates.



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