What Are the Different Types of Security Camera Systems?

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What Are the Different Types of Security Camera Systems?

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Security Camera System Solutions The goal of any security camera system is the same for virtually all users: surveillance and deterrence. As Ronald Reagan once quipped: “Trust. But verify." Achieving that goal may take a variety of forms. A home or business security camera system can be as complex—or as simple—as you desire.

Security for Any Situation

Security requirements—and the various components needed to adequately fulfill those requirements—vary from user to user. Variables include the size of your home or business; the degree of detail you require from imagery; the amount of storage space you desire, for storing, retrieving, and reviewing captured video footage; what kind of weather you’re likely to encounter; whether you require night vision capability or not, whether you’re interested in sophisticated software that can enhance the capabilities of your system, and other factors. It all depends on your goals and budget. At Q-See, we have everything you’ll need to implement any system, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. A starter system typically consists of little more than a static 2-camera setup with remote access. At the other end of the scale, some users require large, multi-channel, multi-camera systems controlled by a central network video recorder. Such systems make use of the most sophisticated technology available to keep you, your business, your employees, and your customers safe at all times. Options include pan, tilt, and zoom capability, anti-vandalism protection and other features.

Bullet Cameras

For most single-family residences, customers choose simple fixed-focus bullet cameras. Some feature optional infrared LEDs, which come on at dusk to provide coverage without any visible light, no matter how dark the night. Install as few as two cameras, focused on the home’s front and back entrances, or add additional cameras for greater coverage of additional potential points of entry, such as ground-floor windows or additional doors. Access your feeds remotely using your smartphone or other internet-connected device. For storage, a simple digital video recorder in the home usually suffices.

IR/Night Vision Cameras

Choose cameras with night vision capability if your site includes areas that are not well-lit after dark. Cameras deliver full-color high definition imagery during daylight hours. But when darkness falls, infrared LEDs switch on, allowing your camera’s night vision optics to take over. Infrared light from LEDs penetrates the darkness for up to 100 feet, enabling these cameras to “see” in the dark, providing detailed black and white images all night.

PTZ Cameras

These sophisticated cameras allow you to remotely pan, tilt and zoom your camera’s lens, for maximum flexibility and security. With these cameras, there are usually no blind spots—which means would-be criminals have nowhere to hide.

Dome Cameras

Many businesses choose dome cameras. These unobtrusive cameras are mounted in a dome-like housing that blends well with existing decor. Many feature remotely controllable PTV cameras and/or IR capability. Mount on the ceiling for virtually limitless coverage of sensitive areas of your home or business.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are self-contained units capable of broadcasting imagery over the internet. Use your smartphone of other digital device to log in and check your security camera system feeds at will.


Most users will want to record the video streams coming from their camera(s). For some, a simple digital video recorder (DVR) will suffice. Larger surveillance systems may require a dedicated network video recorder (NVR). Most systems feature wireless streaming, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring. Conversely, some customers choose to hard wire cameras.


Software is the final piece of the security camera system setup. Customized software allows you to view your feeds, review stored imagery, pan, tilt and zoom your PTV cameras, and more.



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