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What is a Home Security System?

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Home security begins with locked doors and windows. But it shouldn’t end there. Of course other factors contribute to a secure home, too; appropriate lighting, well-designed landscaping, taking steps to make your home look lived in while you’re away (temporarily canceling newspaper and mail deliveries, for example), getting a large dog, not advertising your vacations in advance on social media… Home Security System To be sure, all of these steps and more can help make your home less enticing to criminals. But a truly secure home also takes advantage of modern surveillance technology. For optimal home security, there’s no substitute for a home security system that include visual surveillance capability. In today’s connected world, it’s easier than ever to monitor your home’s security, 24/7, even when you’re far away.

What Do You Need for A Home Security System?

At its simplest, it consists of an unobtrusive camera or cameras, which cover your home’s points of entry. For most homeowners, that will mean cameras at the front and back doors, at least. Larger homes may require more cameras for full coverage of sites where criminals might try to enter your home illegally. The level of surveillance, and the degree of image detail, depend on the sophistication of your system. For example, we offer high definition (HD) cameras, for the best clarity. Law enforcement appreciates this level of visual detail, because higher definition means detectives have a better chance of identifying would-be criminals. Want night-vision cameras? We’ve got them. Even on the darkest of nights, our infrared cameras will see them coming. Hear an odd noise late at night? Don’t venture out without checking your video feed first. Or remain safe inside and call the police to investigate. Combine cameras with a digital recorder and you’ll have access to stored imagery. With the right software, it’s a snap to review your video surveillance feed in real time, from any location. Use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to monitor your home’s security status at any given moment of the day or night. Keep it simple with static cameras that provide an unchanging view of your home’s access points. Or invest in the best by purchasing more sophisticated cameras, featuring pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) capability. These cameras allow you to remotely direct where the camera is pointed, from left to right, up or down. Or zoom in—or out—for greater detail, or wider coverage.

Crime Deterrent

Whether it’s just two wireless cameras or an entire video surveillance system with DVR, we’ve got the cameras, recorders, software, and accessories you need to ensure ultimate home security. Still not convinced? Ask yourself how important your home, valuables, and loved ones are to you. Only a video surveillance system provides the ultimate deterrent to criminals. Just knowing your house is the one protected by 24/7 surveillance will discourage would-be criminals. How important is your peace of mind? Trust us. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve done everything in your power to ensure your home’s safety and security. No home security system is complete without video surveillance. See for yourself. QSee.
Home Security System

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