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Investigating Celeb Break-ins: How You Can Avoid Becoming A Victim!

The recent arrests in connection with burglaries at the homes of several celebrities in Los Angeles point out to the shocking lapses in home security. The involvement of teenagers in the crime and the revelation that they were a part of an active burglary gang responsible for dozens of robberies involving celebrity homes was startling.

The targeted celebrities included singer Rihanna, athletes Robert Woods and Yasiel Puig, and actress Christina Milian. The police also found a list containing details of celebrities the gang was about to target next. Big names such as Viola Davis, Matt Damon, and LeBron James were on the list.

Home security is a matter of concern and requires urgent attention, not just from the law-enforcement agencies, but also from homeowners.

Your home can be safer if you follow some basic guidelines. Remember, your safety is in your hands!

Here Are Some Effective Home Security Measures You Can Follow To Avoid Burglaries!

Follow these simple measures and you can avoid the fate of the aforementioned celebs!

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1. Do not divulge your personal information on social media!

The Los Angeles Police personnel who made the arrests in the celebrity break-in cases revealed that the gang selected the homes based on the social media posts of the celebrities. Since they put up their travel photographs and their event appearance details on their pages, the thieves knew when the house will be empty. It made their job easier.

It is always better not to give away any information online regarding your travels or schedule. You can share your travel stories once you return.

2. Invest in home security equipment!

You spend thousands of dollars in home decor, so why not spend a few dollars in getting a modern security system with advanced technology? Today, there are many types of systems available, from a home surveillance system to secure doors and windows with sensory features.

Bullet cameras, wireless or wired cameras, etc. are easily available and can be discreetly installed as well. Get alarm systems and timers. Remote monitoring cameras or other security systems allow you to control them remotely. You can also get smart locks that automatically lock doors or home sensors that will send signals into your phone if there is a break-in. You can then notify the police immediately avoiding any further harm.

Convert your home into a fortress that can protect your home and your family at all times, when you are at home or when you are away. Home security technology needn’t be expensive, but it is better to get a quality system that will work when you need it the most

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3. A dog in the house can help!

A dog is perhaps one of the oldest security measures of humankind. Dogs bark even at the slightest noise. It is enough to keep intruders away. Even security experts suggest that burglars may skip the houses with a dog.

4. Understand the burglar’s state of mind!

Knowing how a burglar’s mind works can help you devise measures to keep your home safer. Robbers tend to break into homes that have poor locking systems. They prefer homes that do not have an alarm system or dogs as they will not want to draw attention.

Dark areas or homes surrounded by tall bushes or lush trees are the preferred choices for intruders as they can get in without being noticed, and they get enough places to hide as well.

First, whenever you are going out either for dinner or a vacation, ensure all the doors, windows and garage doors are locked. Get good locking systems, preferably the modern ones. No intruder would want to spend hours trying to open tough locks or secured doors.

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Ensure that your home is always well-lit even when you are not at home. You can install sensory lights that will switch on whenever someone is near your property. It will scare the burglars away. Trim your trees and bushes regularly so that there is no room for hiding.

If in any case, the burglar enters your home, you should think of ways of fooling them. For example, most of us keep our valuables in the wardrobe or a vault in our bedrooms. Devise other ways to store your valuables discreetly. You can have a safe storage space in your study room or your kitchen. Robbers will not have time to think and search all around.

5. Share a friendly relationship with neighbors!

Be it a city apartment or a country home, knowing your neighbors will help you to remain safe. When you are out, you can request your neighbors to keep a watch on your house. They can even collect the mails for you. Burglar gangs often do a background check on the houses they intend to rob. When they find that there are people who keep a watch on a house, they may not take the risk of intruding. .

6. Your trash can be an invitation to burglars!

Burglars are good researchers, you know? Before dumping your receipts or your big screen TV packaging into the bin, take a moment and think. What if they land up in wrong hands? Shred bills, receipts, etc. before throwing them away.

Cut the packaging of expensive items in such a way so as not to give away what you have recently purchased. Let your trash remain trash rather than a shout-out to harmful elements.

7. Be wary of strangers!

You tell your children to keep away from strangers, but that is precisely what you should do as well. Never let any stranger inside your home no matter how harmless or helpful they may appear. If you have to get repairs done, do background checks and only hire licensed professionals or ones that come with referrals. Also, never flaunt your wealth or expensive belongings in front of others.

Be it the people who help you out in your home or the contractors you hire, always ensure security measures are in place and that your valuables are locked away.

8. Maintain your home well!

Do not postpone your home repairs as it could mean that in case of attempted burglary, these same problems can help the intruders.

If there is a broken lock, a problem with sliding doors, broken windows or fence, get them repaired as soon as possible. Mow your lawns, trim your bushes and ensure that your outdoor lights are functioning all the time.

It is always good to hope for the best and prepare for the best as far as security of your home is concerned. The robbers today come well-prepared and as said before, ‘well researched’, but you can be smart as well. Even if you spend some money on safety measures, it is worth every penny.

After all, what is more valuable than the well-being of your home and your loved ones?

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