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Smart Analytics Monitoring AI box 

Never miss an important moment again. Make your cameras intelligent with unlimited storage for 30-day video history, real-time human and object detection, natural language search, and smart alerts. S.A.M. Box is a video gateway that connects any camera on any network to smart video monitoring. It works with any H.264 video stream without any special network configuration or port forwarding.

LearN MOre

Smart video monitoring that works with any camera

With S.A.M Box, any camera with an H.264 RTSP video stream has real-time human and object detection, machine learning, natural language search, and smart alerts. S,A.M. learns what you find interesting from the way you use it. That learning enables S.A.M Box to pre-filter video events for bandwidth-efficient video monitoring.

Know at-a-glance what's happened while you're away

S.A.M does the work for you to highlight the video events that warrant your attention. Rather than wading through hours of recorded video, you get fast video summaries and precise alerts that tell you what you need to know. S.A.M. Box analyzes video on your local network. So unlike cameras that upload continuously or upon motion detection, each S.A.M Box handles 3 HD video streams without bogging down your Internet connection.

Technology that Learns

Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, S.A.M is able to identify the most important events that were recorded. S.A.M also learns what you care about from the way you use it, so it gets smarter over time, continuously improving your alerts.

Smart Analytics Monitoring Box

It learns. Even while being open to all cameras, it collaborates with cloud-assisted Machine Learning and advanced Neural Networks to highlight what's interesting to you. Each camera has its own learning model that's specific to its unique scene.

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Personalized & Precise Alerts

Save queries like "people approaching walkway", so you receive alerts that matter most to you. S.A.M. captures your feedback to fine-tune the alerts that are most relevent to you.

Unlimited Storage & Cameras

Connect as many cameras as you want in one streamlined feed. All your video is automatically stored for the last 30 days in the cloud. Try it with your cameras free and upgrade to S.A.M Plus for only $9.90 / camera / month when using S.A.M Box.

S.A.M converts real-time video into useful information

We want to make the real world to talk to us - telling us just what we want to know just when we need to know. We have two goals: 1) Simplify video monitoring to open access to everyone, and 2) Make video smart and useful. People all over the world have recorded millions of hours of footage of their homes, businesses and loved ones with S.A.M. Even more important to us than the amount recorded is that S.A.M. algorithms have sifted through that footage — in real-time — enabling people to capture those few, important moments that actually matter.

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