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a Guide to a Home Owner

If you’re looking for innovative home surveillance and security equipment, then you just landed in the right place. Q-See offers a wide variety of home security systems, which are designed to ensure your home is protected with respect to your security needs and budget constraints. Do not take chances. Take your vigilance with you wherever life takes you. Our systems are easy to comprehend and use. The following categorical analysis better equips you to make informed choices as you plan to keep safe that which you treasure.

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Surveillance systems types to keep your home secure

Ranging from your best patio furniture, well-designed water fountains and the entire property inside your home, everything needs to be secured. You can access surveillance systems that help you keep your eye both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor home surveillance systems

Sometimes you may want to remotely monitor the condition of your indoors. Perhaps to guide or monitor the electrician whom you gave a call to get over and do some repairs while you’re away, or to control your door locks, lights or thermostats. With your Smartphone as the interface, you can monitor pretty much, and anywhere. Indoor surveillance systems are available with quality and at an affordable cost. It all depends on your needs. Do you need a camera with a database that recognizes facial features of all your friends and family? Do you require large storage capacity (as part of a dedicated security system) or Micro SD card storage option? What are your focus and clarity specifications? What you want is what you get. Q-See indoor security cameras position you to monitor, in real-time, all which is happening in your house.

Outdoor home surveillance systems

Your exteriors are important too. As you plan to keep an eye on them, outdoor cameras designed to withstand the harsh conditions are available for you. Outdoor camera packs come with customization capability and components that work together seamlessly to deliver a 360-degree view of your home. The wide coverage of the outdoors is catered for by the swiveling function. However, you can also install several cameras to allow surveillance of the entire compound. Vandalism of security equipment is common. Our outdoor cameras come with discreet vandal proof designs for optimal security advantages. Create rules that work for you; like having the lights turned on upon motion detection, camera to start recording when a sensor is triggered or to have your doors unlock when a smoke alarm warns.

Surveillance camera types for you

A security system is basically defined as a system of interworking components and devices put in place to secure something. This, therefore, means that a home security system is a network of integrated security hardware that is linked to a central control panel to protect your home against burglaries and any other security concerns. A home security system comprises of (The control panel. Motion sensors and detectors. Heat sensors. Door and window sensors. Glass break detectors. Security cameras) Let us now look into each of these components and see how they help keep your home safe.

Dome cameras

dome security cameras derive their name from their dome- shaped casing. The casing is designed to brave all elements. It would take time to notice the presence of these cameras at your door. They’re discreet and of low profile. Due to their shape, it’s difficult for one to tell which direction the dome- surveillance camera is pointing at. They are packed with infrared LED lights in order to perform in rooms/ places with little or no light at all. An average dome camera allows viewing to almost 100 FT in total darkness. When it comes to appearance, dome surveillance cameras come in two dimensions; fixed and movable. With your desire, external housings can be designed to blend with the surrounding. Additionally, dome cameras deliver wide angle viewing; this is what makes them stand out; their qualification for massive area surveillance, especially if fitted with extraordinarily advanced sensors and high resolution. Aesthetics is also an important element. Many customers seeking to install security cameras prefer the dome-shaped out of affection to their artistic appearance. For instance, white colored dome security cameras easily blend with white ceilings plasters/ limestone white walls. This ability to immerse with interior and exterior décor integrate security and beauty.

Bullet cameras

just like dome-shaped cameras, bullet security cameras are shaped like a bullet or lipstick, are weatherproof and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They too have the swivel function thus largely used for outdoor surveillance. The IP HD 3 PM Bullet Security Camera falls in this category. It supports IR LEDs that provide actual night vision. Mini bullet sizes easily blend with the surrounding and keep the camera free from rapture by unsuspecting persons as you spy on things. Dome and Bullet surveillance cameras are the ones present in most homes. The vast features highlighted above build their high affinity among homeowners. However, other existing types include box and spy/hidden cameras. Hidden spy/ covert security cameras are majorly used when the goal is to monitor people and property secretly. With the goal being hidden surveillance, these cameras are concealed in houses in designs similar to fire sprinklers, PIR motion detectors, smoke detectors, and other inconspicuous objects. Mini spy cameras also serve the same purpose. For a similar intention, the black box hidden camera is a perfect substitute. This system comes with thermal motion activation which allows the system to sleep until it senses body heat movement. The ‘sleep’ greatly saves hours of battery life.

Surveillance cameras features


As time goes by, security cameras get smarter and sophisticated, just like other gadgets. Features change on a daily basis. Basing on the security needs, several features characterize respective surveillance systems. All of them with pros and cons

Wired and Wireless surveillance systems

Wireless security systems use wireless technology i.e. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for monitoring and connecting the components of the entire system. Due to its flexibility and ease in installation, wireless home security is the best for homeowners, especially those who shift regularly. The only cabling required for this connection is the power cable, to keep the camera up and running. Wireless connections are however prone to crosstalk effect when a new Wi-Fi field is introduced where one already exists.

Wired security systems are hardwired into the home electrical system and data communication is solely over data cables. Through a landline connection to the monitoring center, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property with minimal disturbance. Most homeowners prefer wired surveillance systems for their stable service and better image provision.

specification in security surveillance systems.

Resolution; camera resolution is an important specification in security surveillance systems. Moderate cameras come with 720 P, 1080 P/ 2.1 MP resolutions. It all depends on your image quality needs. At Q-See, you can get security cameras of up to 1440 P resolution for clearer images/ recordings. Coverage; what is the size of the area you intend to monitor? Whether wide or narrow a surveillance area is, specific features suit all your security needs. Both Dome and bullet security systems favor wide areas, especially with the swivel function.

Get the best

Insecurity has become sophisticated thus requiring a similar dose of security measures. Security surveillance systems give you the opportunity to monitor all that you treasure in, and outside your home. With the ability to link-up with your Smartphone, you can remotely keep an eye and take necessary measures to keep all that is yours safe. Q- See offers you the best. Choose your best!

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