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Smart homes go beyond wireless networks and the latest devices. It’s more than controlling most of the features of your home with one touch of a button.

A smart home is one that has a communication network that is connected to all its appliances and can be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed through phone or the internet. A smart home, therefore, provides the owner with security, convenience, and efficiency.

Why You Should Strive to Own a Smart Home ?

Have you ever been at work and a thought crossed your mind whether you locked your door or not? The worry about your home security that comes with this thought is enough to make you unproductive. Well, with a smart home, you can easily know whether you locked your door or not and even lock it in case you had not!

With the power to monitor, access and control your home remotely using your smartphone device, you will no longer have to worry about your home security whenever you are at work or traveling around the world.

Owning a smart home gives you security and convenience in one package.

What are the components that make a security system smart ?

Not all security systems fit the definition of a smart security system. So, let us look into what components really make a security system smart. 

  • Integration and Customization
A smart home security system should allow integration with apps so that they can easily be accessed and controlled remotely for convenience. With various people having different security needs for their homes, it would be really messed up if one lacked the ability to customize a security system.

  • Expanded storage
Other than the standard storage options like the Drive and SD card, a smart home security system should allow Cloud Storage. This option allows a smart homeowner to monitor video footages wherever they are and whenever they want.

Security gadgets for your smart home

A smart home isn’t smart if it is not secure. Here are some security devices that can be installed into your smart home to keep it secured.

I. Smart Security Cameras

Unlike the traditional cameras, most of the modern security cameras incorporate Wi-Fi connections hence making it easy and convenient for the homeowner to remotely monitor the video footages through a mobile app.

Most smart security cameras also have the ability to upload video footage for Cloud storage. This also works to the owner’s advantage as it eliminates complications that might arise when using the standard storage options like the SD card which might be easily misplaced.

For some amazing smart security cameras, you can choose one from our Presidio Series to to fortify your smart home security.

II. Smart Lights

Smart lighting systems are an essential element of a smart home security system. These are LED light bulbs that are Wi-Fi enabled and can be remotely controlled using a smartphone app. Depending on your preference, these smart bulbs can be turned on or off on a schedule or manually.

A noteworthy point is that you should strive to replace the dumb switches with smart switches and dimmers. This is because once the switch controlling the smart bulb is turned off, the bulb also becomes dumb.

III. Smart Thermostats

These help in keeping your room at the desired temperature conveniently from wherever you are. Just like the other smart devices, they are connected to a Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from an app via your smartphone.

Other than regulating the temperature, smart thermostats can also alert you when the temperature becomes too high or too low so you can take action.

IV. Smart Locks

Smart locks are usually connected to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and as such give you the convenience to either lock or open your doors or windows from whatever location in the world.

Whereas some smart locks rely entirely on your smartphone app, some still use a keypad and screen where one has to punch in a certain set code to unlock the door.

Explore your Smart Home Security Options with Our BNC HD Kits

Here at Q-see, we offer an unmatched array of smart home security systems that will guarantee high definition footage and surveillance. Whether you are a newbie in surveillance or a seasoned veteran, what we offer will guarantee the safety of your home for you and your family. Such options include

8 channel dvr

1)  8-Channel HD Security System with 8 HD 720P Security Cameras

This BNC HD security kit allows you to monitor your home using the 8 high definition cameras that ensure you have clear and crisp images of the on-goings. This security kit can be connected to your smartphone or tablet to enable you to have control over your home’s security whenever you want no matter your location.

This kit is also accompanied by a Western Digital purple surveillance storage drive where you can record, store and access all the security footage without any hassle.

2) 16 Channel HD Security System with 8 HD 720P Security Cameras

With double the number of cameras found in our 8-channel HD security system, this kit comes with a set of cameras that provide clarity and an enterprise-ready system. You can conveniently check your home whenever you want through the kit’s partner mobile app by watching previously recorded videos or accessing the live camera video. Use this indoors to monitor your home, or outdoors to extensively safeguard your property from any kind of external threat.



No matter how smart your home is, a security system has to be put in place to guarantee your safety from both internal and external threats. You can choose from the smart devices discussed above and install them in your smart home depending on your security needs for maximum safety.
You can also check out our security systems that provide you with a wide range of options from which to choose.
Your home could be smart, but is it secure?

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