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Traditional Alarm Services vs. Q-See Infographic

Have you ever wondered how a security surveillance system from Q-See stacks up against a “traditional” alarm service company’s products? The following infographic sums things up neatly. Give it a glance. We think you’ll agree: There’s really no contest. The differences between these two approaches to security are clearer than a high-resolution image captured by one of Q-See’s cutting-edge cameras.

Here’s the Q-See advantage in a nutshell:

  • No contracts—no hassle. Pay once and you’re done. Secure. Safe. Solvent.
  • With traditional alarm companies, you’re legally shackled to an ongoing commitment.
  • No monitoring fees equals no endless drain on your bank account.
  • With traditional alarm companies, the fees keep coming, and coming, and coming…
  • Convenient, private remote viewing. You—and you alone—control who can access your private video feeds.
  • Do you really want some faceless bureaucrat peeping at your family’s most private moments?
  • Get the cameras you want and need, not whatever some alarm service has gathering dust.
  • Q-See carries the latest and greatest technology from this fast-moving industry. You get what you choose and pay for. And our remote viewing apps are free.
  • Get the best cameras available, anywhere—from the get-go.

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