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Wifi Security Cameras Explained

Get more from your security coverage with the Q-SEE product line to expand
your surveillance capabilities and keep a watchful eye over your home or business property.
IP HD systems offer a wide range of recording resolutions from 1080p all the way up to 4k, why does resolution matter higher the resolution the sharper and clearer the image you will see, pick the right resolution for your unique situation perfect for any setting.
IP HD cameras are especially suited for expanded security as they can be placed at multiple locations for your home or business needs, while allowing you to monitor your property from the convenience of your Q-See mobile IP HD systems support anywhere from 4 to 32 cameras, depending on your security needs additional benefits of the Q-See IP HD technology include ultra-high resolutions high cameras provide 100% high-definition digital video for superior resolutions delivering crystal-clear images that can capture facial features license plate, numbers clothing, colors and other important identifiers in the sharpest detail.
keep your NVR at one location while surveying multiple sites at once ensuring that your video footage is safe from tampering or theft.
Your IP HD systems allow for cameras to connect by Ethernet cable directly to the NVR PoE ports or to connect to the NVR via network providing more extensive and
flexible surveillance record from your home and business simultaneously on one
NVR power over ethernet provides power and video through a single cable
allowing for greater flexibility and fewer connectivity issues.
Intelligent video analysis IV a many IP HD systems, offer IV a technology allowing you to map out your own perimeter from motion detection and problem areas where you need more protection, an IP HD system may be the answer to all your security.
Concerns, so please be sure to view our website to see our entire IP HD line to
make the best decision for your home or business surveillance and also to see
about our upcoming new products and technologies and always make sure to check the product compatibility charts listed on our website when buying new products to make sure that they match with your existing system, also remember to check out our two other technologies analog HD and Wi-Fi to make sure that you are making the best choice for your security needs.
As an additional benefit Q-See offers best-in-class customer service, a 2 year
manufacturer warranty and is always there to answer any questions or address
any issues you may have with our products.

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