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500FT Siamese RG-59 Shielded Video and Power Cable (QS59500W)


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The Q-See QSVRG500 BNC Clockwise Cable with 2 Connectors provides low interference and low noise for a better picture quality. You can run your camera further without any loss of signal. BNC to BNC connectors are included so that you have the ability to extend. The Q-See QSVRG500 BNC Cable provides low interference, low noise to provide better quality. Run your camera further without loss of signal. The shielded video cable is 500' long and features double shielded RG-59 coaxial video wire and siamese integration of coaxial RG59 and DC power. UL Rated.

  • (1) 500 FT BNC Shielded Cable

    Always check State/Local Laws before installation (2011 NEC 8201.44)

    For best results, run one solid cable to prevent video loss. If more is needed, use minimum inter-connection points as possible. If cable run exceeds 800ft, we recommend using RG-6 Cable. (Not sold by Q-See). If home or business is pre-wired with CAT-5 Cable, you can run up to 1000 Ft (Video Balun or Powered Balun is recommended for easy installation).


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