Powered Indoor Microphone with Cable (QSPMIC)

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Powered Indoor Microphone with Cable (QSPMIC)


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It works with any cameras used indoors, and any of our DVRs that have audio inputs. The QSPMIC comes with a 12 Volt 500mA power supply and 60 feet of cable for flexible positioning.

It is easy to install:
  1. Just attach the power and audio connectors from the microphone to the cable
  2.  Attach the RCA audio connector on the end of the cable to the audio input on the DVR
  3.  Attach the power supply to the power connector on the end of the cable by the DVR
  4. Attach a speaker to the video out port on the DVR so you can hear the audio from the live camera feed or when you playback the video files.

The QSPMIC will pick up sound within 20 to 30 feet of the microphone's position, adding audio to your video files, which adds to the flexibility and value of your security system.

  • (1) QSPMIC Powered Microphone
  • (1) 12 Volt 500mA Power Supply
  • (1) 60 feet of Audio/Power Cable with RCA Connectors

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